Glom for Palm OS

Classic-style jewel game for Palm OS

Glom™ is easy to play! Just find two or more matching pieces that touch (horizontally or vertically). Click on them once to select the group, then again to remove it. Pieces above fall down to fill the empty spaces. Play by intuition! Or take all the time you want to consider where the pieces will fall. Glom™ is fun for all ages -even children as young as four have fun playing! But it offers a challenge even for puzzle-loving adults.

There are plenty of strategies and tactics to learn if you want to maximize your score. You can play Glom™ in two different modes: Progressive and Challenge. Plus, there's a Daily Challenge so that you can compare your score with other Glom™ players worldwide!

Play Glom™ anywhere! You can pick up where you left off at any time. Three special scoring bonuses! Line up and execute the "Perfect Square," "Connect 15," and "Board Clear" bonuses. Save your high scores! Compete for slots in the high score board. Glom™ saves your score, level, and date! Enter your initials with Palm OS Graffiti input, or with the on-screen keyboard.

Choose from different themes! Insects, sea life, patriotic, and street signs are among the choices. Sound effects that you can turn on for maximum fun, or turn off when you need to keep your play quiet.

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